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How to download and save someone else's Instagram live video?

Instagram has long been confused with fleet and instant. He has created his entire business model on the idea that social media should be about sharing moments and should not carefully create online personalities. Unfortunately for them, the rest of the world has different ideas.

This is the reason why users started saving their live videos after Periscope and Facebook, Instagram finally started doing this. Now, users can save their videos from their Instagram stories and their other social media accounts.

But if you think that it means that Instagram allows users to download other people's live videos, then think again. Slowly-friendly social media platforms will not let you download photos of other people. Fortunately for you, and perhaps for people who follow you, unknowingly, there are tools that allow you to work around the limited functionality of Instagram.

Knowing your options

First of all, there is no way to save the Instagram live video. However, if we go to the details of each device in your settlement, then we will be here all week. Here is a crash course in your video saving options.

Getting Creative

First of all, when it comes to crossing social media platform boundaries, then you will find small tech-savvy creativity everywhere. After all, there are countless recording apps for desktop and mobile phones. In fact, the new iOS 11 Control Center comes with a built-in recording feature. Saving live video from Instagram, it is happening or it can be as easy as a recording after saving it in a user's story.

There is an app for this

why? Everything, that's it. App designers have jumped on the quotes of apps like Instagram, which promises to provide the original app refusal functionality. It comes to saving Instagram live video when it's not low. Whether you are an iPhone or Android user, there is an app that will help you. Please consider Storytelling for IG Live or Android for iPhone. They are easy to use.

Chrome IG Story Extension

Chrome's easy extension allows you to save live videos directly to your desktop. This method has become more popular to nudge Instagram live video because it does not require you to download a separate app and makes it possible to watch live videos without knowing it. However, it is slightly more complex than other methods. In this article, how do we split it for you, install it and do it with the files you download
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