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Do this by downloading all your Instagram data

Even if Facebook is probably used in more numbers, it does not mean that Instagram is less popular with it. It would not be wrong to say that in the coming times, in this crowd of social media platforms, Facebook may have to compete with their own Instagram. Actually, there are many such features in Instagram that make it different from Facebook or any other social media site.


On the other hand, if you are a photography lover, you can understand how important Instagram is.

Today, we are going to talk about how you will need to recover your data if you ever put it on Instagram. In fact, many times it happens that we want to remove ourselves from a social media platform, but the most scarce in deleting the account from there is how to copy their data. Now if you have put 500 posts on Instagram then it is not easy to save everyone.



Or it may be that you only want to keep only one copy of all these activities of your account, so it is not possible that one post should be saved anywhere.


Let us know that Instagram has released a new feature for all its users in April this year, keeping in mind Europe's new General Data Protection Regulation Privacy Rules, with which the user can download their entire Instagram data. Are. In the beginning of April, Instagram opened the facility only on the web, but now you can download it from your mobile app. Today we will tell you about these two methods.


Do this from Mobile App Download

First of all, open your profile in the Instagram App in your phone and click on the Person icon given in the right and bottom.

Click on the three dots icon on the desktop where you will see all the settings options.

- Scrolling down here will see data download and data download option under 2-factor authentication.




After tapping it, get a copy of What You've Shared on Instagram, which is to enter your Email ID below.

You have to enter your password here once again and click on request download.




After that, Instagram will send the photos, videos, profile information, and stories, etc. shared by the user through a link to the user in the email. Please tell that this whole process takes at least 48 hours. Which means that you have to wait some time, in fact, it also depends on how many posts have been posted by the user or how active he is on Instagram. If you have been using Instagram for the last long time and there are thousands of your posts, then Instagram will take a little longer to send that data.



Download via Web on the Web

Let us know that there is no specific difference in downloading data on web and mobile apps. Only a few steps of the start of this process on the desktop are increased. Let's know about it ...


  • First, go to the browser and go to Instagram.Com and log in to your profile.

  • After this, there will be a Personal icon on the top right of the desktop, which you have to tap.

  • After tapping, your profile will open where you will see the gear icon along with the edit profile itself. Now click on it.

  • After this, you will see a box on the screen which will be given several different ones, among them you have to choose Privacy and Security Option.

  • After clicking on it, scroll down and you will see data download and data download option under 2-factor authentication. Below which it has also been given the option to download request in a few small letters.

  • After this, you will see Get a Copy of What You've Shared on Instagram, which is to enter your Email ID below.

  • You have to enter your password again here and click on request download.

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