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Chinese app tout, downloaded 1.5 times more than Instagram

Gadget desk Social Video Sharing App Ticket has been downloaded more than a billion (one billion) times. In 2018, it was downloaded more than 66 million times, while only Instagram 444 million times downloaded. This information came from a report from the App Analytics Company Sensor Tower. According to the report, big app companies like Facebook and Snapchat will be impressed by the growth of Tikkas. Chinese app tout downloaded 1.5 times more than Instagram.

  1. According to the founder of Sensor Tower Oliver Yeah, in 2018, Tikak was downloaded 66 million 3 million times. During this time, it was in fourth place in the non-game category of the most downloaded mobile app. It also included the Light and Regional versions of the app. The downloads on the Android platform in China have not been included in this.

  2. In the same time period, the Facebook Social Media Company Facebook app downloaded 71 million 10 million times. According to the report, more than 70 million new people downloaded the various versions of Tikok on iOS and Android App Store in January 2019 only. This figure is 2.6 times higher than in January 2018.

  3. According to the report, Indian users have downloaded more than 25 million to Took. This app has 25 percent of the total download data. Indians made 43% of the 71 million downloads in January 2019. However, in January 2018, this figure was only 9.5 percent. The Tikka app is owned by Chinese company Byte Dance.

  4. In December 2017, Byte Dance bought Music Video App Musicale for $ 1 billion (about $ 71.25 billion). This merger of two apps boosted the growth of the stamp duty in 2018. In November last year, Facebook launched its Funny Social Video App, named Lasso, in view of Ticket. But they did not succeed. Not only this, in December 2018, Snapchat launched a feature called Lens Challenge. This feature lets users share lip sync video like Tikk.

  5. Chinese app tout downloaded 1.5 times more than Instagram.

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